Korean best-selling author shares a new book in los angeles

Epoch Times Reporter Jiang Linda Elmore reported

In the past week, South Korea's famous best-selling woman writer Nan Renshu, with her latest masterpiece, "Women's Life, Start with Self-Esteem" A book, visiting Los Angeles to attend a new book fair. On November 16 (Friday), in an interview with the Epoch Time, she uttered her writing experience for many years.

Nan Renshu, born in Seoul, South Korea in 1974, as published in the past "20s, Determining a Woman's Life", "Thirty Flowers", "The Original, Happiness is at the Corner", "Women, Learn to Give", More than 20 best-selling works such as mind ambulance box. Her writing style is a realistic and straightforward tone that explains the topics that young women are most concerned about.

"For the past 20 years, most of the books i have written tend to suggest how women have a better life. The inspiration comes from my daily life. For example, when i was young, my mentality and my difficult life path," she hopes her experience can help others. "But writing it, I found that there is a word that can be summed up, that is, "self-esteem" so the new book is an excellent version of all the books of the past."

"Happiness" based on "Self-Esteem"

As an emotional type writer, Nan Renshu believes that many people have misunderstandings about "Happiness." "I fee that constantly pursuing a better living environment, economic conditions, and ultimately success does not mean that you have a happy life. Many people will become depressed when they are obsessed with success. "Adding distress."

Therefore, for Nan Renshu, the definition of happiness is to have a clear goal first. "If you have the same chance as a wishing light, can you tell what you want in a few seconds?"

Taking itself as an example, Nan Renshu revealed that when she first wrote the book, she also hit the wall. "Probably the direct style of my writing, so that the publisher can't accept it. but a book is also microcosm of the author, so that i can accurately convey what i want to express. I clearly know that i want to be a "writer" and think of me. The idea is right."

With this insistence, she then posted the book to a well-known website at the time, sparking heated discussions. "Many people say that they have found themselves through this book, and my book has been successfully published. So people become happy without money. "Women can enhance self-control and value themselves. The innate characteristics have improved the "Self-Esteem" and made adjustments in life."

Looking forward to the new book to resonate with Western Women

Nan Renshu introduced that her new book was translated into a variety of Asian languages, but the English versions was lacking. "Korean culture has spread to the rest of the world through the korean wave, but there are always some limitations. So i plan to turn the book into English and distribute it in the United States, so that Westerners can learn more about Asians's thinking and lifestyle." She admits that at the beginning of the book, she did not consider overseas readers. However, it was later discovered that although the cultures of the East nad the West are different, the problems of women's troubles have many things in common. "So I think this book may also help them." Editor in charge: Fang Ping

ORIGINAL SOURCE: https://www.epochtimes.com/b5/18/11/20/n10863174.htm