[Interview] "I almost got reported while on location in the US...I thought i couldn't come back to korea"


Korean Actor Park Jung-min revealed an episode that happened while filming on location in the United States.

He attended the media preview of the movie "shoot the sun" held on March 9 at lotte cinema Konkuk University in Jayang-dong, seoul, Korea.

At the Press conference, he said,

"It happened because i didn't know the American filming system well."

It was a scene where money was blown out of a convertible, but there were several NGs.

We were filming for a while, and suddenly local people came to the side of the car and cursed at me and saying that, 'why are you throwing money into the desert?"

He continued,

"But it was happen because there was a forest fire that didn't go out in Arizona, and people from there were angry and came to the set. I thought i couldn't come back to korea."

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